What is Google workspace(G Suite) and why you should use it?


Google Workspace (G Suite) is a suite of cloud computing, productivity and collaborations tools.  

G Suite has been helping thousands of businesses around the world with its productivity features.

While there are several other options, learn how G Suite can benefit your  business and what types of businesses it serves best.

Increasing role of Robots in Automotive Industry

robots in automation industry

Flexible production with industrial robots is likely to be used increasingly by German SMEs in the future. Even before the corona pandemic, the manufacturing industry in Germany was highly automated and was ranked third in robot density worldwide behind Singapore and South Korea.

What is the Dual Axis Steering System in the new Mercedes


In the pre-season testing of the 2020 Formula1 season, Mercedes launched a revolutionary feature, which went viral and caused high chaos in the world of Racing and Motorsports.

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