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What is IP address and how does it track my location?


The Internet Protocol address also known as IP address is a unique number provided to every device to share information in a computer network. With this assigned number, your device is recognized over a network.

While IP address were used to facilitate communication by uniquely identifying a device over a network, recently they are being overly exploited for business and advertisement purposes.

How automation is changing the industry

As cars become smarter and more automated, a lot of innovative technologies will be needed to make them even more useful to drivers. Manufacturing cars of the future – be they autonomous, connected, electric, or a mix of all three – will be fueled by cutting-edge technology. Companies that can deploy this technology successfully will emerge as the winners in this highly competitive industry.  

How to invest in Stocks


If you’ve never invested in the stock market before, it can be an intimidating process. Stocks are not like savings accounts, money market funds, or certificates of deposit, their principal value can both rise and fall.

What is Dual Axis Steering System

dual axis steering system

In the pre-season testing of the 2020 Formula1 season, Mercedes launched a revolutionary feature, which went viral and caused high chaos in the world of Racing and Motorsports.



What are QR codes and why should you use them

QR (Quick Response) Codes can be read and understood by mobile devices. Marketers have used this in billboards, magazines, web pages, and any other marketing material. QR codes can provide more information about the product or service without a sweat, and the information quickly goes to the user’s device.

What is Google Workspaces?

gsuite logo

GSuite is a collection of business, productivity, collaboration, and education software developed and powered by Google. Learn why a business needs tools like this be it a startup or a enterprise.



Flexible Production with industrial Robots


Flexible production with industrial robots is likely to be used increasingly by German SMEs in the future. Even before the corona pandemic, the manufacturing industry in Germany was highly automated and was ranked third in robot density worldwide behind Singapore and South Korea. This trend is likely to continue after the Covid-19 crisis.