Chinese Hackers Breach’s U.S. Navy Contractors

December 22, 2018 - Cyber Security
Chinese Hackers Breach’s U.S. Navy Contractors

Chinese Hackers Breachs U.S. Navy Contractors to steal everything from ship-maintenance data. Such as missile plans, officials & experts said, triggering a top-to-bottom review of cyber vulnerabilities.

A series of incidents in the past Eighteen months has pointed out the services weaknesses, & highlighting what some officials have described as some of the most prostrating cyber campaigns linked to Beijing.

Cyber attacks affect entire branches of the armed forces but contractors for the Navy and the Air Force viewed as main choice targets for hackers seeking advanced grade military technology, officials said. Navy contractors have suffered especially troubling breaches over the past year, one U.S. official said.
The data allegedly were stolen from Navy contractors and subcontractors often are highly sensitive, classified information about advanced grade military technology, according to U.S. officials & security researchers. The victims have included large contractors as well as small ones, some of which seen as lacking the resources to invest in securing their networks.

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