FBI Shuts Down DDoS services providing websites

January 6, 2019 - Cyber Security
FBI Shuts Down DDoS services providing websites

FBI Saved Christmas By Stopping Dangerous Sites.

The news is coming that the U.S. Justice Department announced that the FBI has seized 15 “DDoS-for-hire” websites and some of them have accused three people running the services. Services provide access to a network of infected devices or machines, which can then be used by anyone, even the least tech-savvy. to Launch DDoS attacks (distributing denied-to-service attacks) against any website and disrupting its access.

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In recent years, many hacking groups have used the DDDS attacks on a large scale to bring down the PlayStation, Xbox network and other gaming servers and destroy Christmas Day for millions of gamers.

In this year, the Dutch police took down the world’s most important DDO-for-hire service, known as WebStresser, which helped cyber criminals launch more than 4 million attacks, a 15 boot domain that strained the network DOS was selling access to the attack in the guise testing services and seized by FBI. There are some of the sites,,, and many more website are seized by FBI on Thursday on December 12, and the US attorney’s office also charged David Bukowski, 23 of Pennsylvania, for operating Quantum stresser.

Since launch in 2012, up to November 29, one of the longest-running DDoS services in operation with over 80,000 customer membership.

In 2018 , Quantum stress was used to launch more, including in Alaska and California. In addition to the seizure of 15 boot services, the FBI has also filed a criminal complaint against two alleged cyber criminals – Matthew Gaitle, 30, and Juan Martinez. Between October 2014 and November 2018, there were over 2000 customer subscriptions in downtown and an attempt was made to conduct, or conduct, over 200,000 DDoS attacks.

According to the FBI Not only will there be a warning for others as the Craddown Server DDOS Pedellers, but also users who hire these services, because the FBI has warned that it will not be able to pay for such services Will also demand the prosecution.

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