Russian Military Plan To Change Windows OS

June 2, 2019 - Cyber Security
Russian Military Plan To Change Windows OS

Russian authorities are implementing their plan of replacing Microsoft official Windows Operating System with Astra Linux.

The Russian Federal Service for Technical Control and Export (FSTEC) gave the security clearance that the OS can now be used for the confidentiality information of Russia to handle.

Until now, the Russian government has only used special versions of Windows which have been modified and approved for use by the FSB.

from Last month, Russian military begin to switch to the Astra Linux, a Debian based Operating system.

Astra Linux was originally developed by RusBITech for use in the private Russian market, but the company also expanded into the local government sector, where it was very popular with military contractors.

Astra Linux OS also received certifications to handle Russian government information labeled as “secret” and “secret top” – two levels of confidentiality of data located under “special significance” according to Russian law.

In early 2018, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the plans to change military systems from Windows OS to Astra Linux, citing concerns that Microsoft’s closed approach may be hidden on Windows backdoors on which US month-months information can be. make use of Russian government work.

Since then, RusBITech has been going through the Russian government certification process to obtain a special significance ranking for Astra Linux – which RusBITech did, on 17 April, according to two reports from local media.

In addition, Astra Linux also received certificates of conformity from the FSB, Russia’s top information agency, and the Ministry of Defense, at the opening of the door to fully accept Russian military and military intelligence agencies.

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