What is URL and URL Shortening?


What is URL?

Uniform Resource Locator is also as URL. Another name for URL is web address , it is a postal address enables mail to reach its destination. A URL allows your browser to find a specific webpage or a file across the internet. Just like a house address the URL must be unique and point to only one place. 

What is URL Shortening?

A URL Shortner is a simple tool that takes a long complicated URL and crushes it down into a short compact link to share. In a simple word URL Shortner is a link compressor/ link shrinker which can make our URL link into short link. It is originated in the year 2000 .

What are the Advantages of using URL Shortening ?

  • It converts the long messy links in short link. As nowdays everyone shorts things so it help to make URL short.
  • The URL Shortening services allows you to track your links , you can know how much peoples clicks on your links , you can know where your links coming from devices, countries and so on.
  • When you post on your social media about your URL than the link will appear very large so, from URL Shortening your link will became short. This will helps you in giving some shape for your post on social media .
  •  It can also reduce your SMS costs if we are using SMS marketing we will know some companies may charge on the SMS size of the message, so when we shorten the URL this will maybe reduce the cost of our SMS campaign.
  • It has centarlized management in this all your links will be managed from one place you can monitor everything and create all your links from one dashboard.

What are the Disadvantages of URL Shortening ?

  • When we use URL Shortner we fully depend on the company where you short our URLs. For example, when the URL Shortener company suddenly goes into shutdown then your short URLs did not work then the visitor didn’t go to your website using short URLs.
  • The shortened URL looks like a random letters it does not have any keywords or any useful meaning to the URL , so the user did not click the URLs and also many URL shorteners provide customization for their URLs it may be a paid or free service.
  • Many visitors may feel uncomfortable because these short URLs may be spam or virus links , so many peoples did not click the link and go to the website and also you need to see the URL Shortener service will provide a 301 redirect for your shortened URLs. So, 301 redirect means if the user clicks the short URL then it redirect to the original URL, there are many redirects available in the website but 301 redirect only gives the full SEO ranking URL i.e. long URL. If 301 redirect is not available means then the full SEO goes to the short URLs and the short URLs go in ranking not in original URL.

What are the sites for URL Shortening ?

Bitly,Inc is a company which was established in 2008 and is based  in New York , it provided URL Shortening service and it manages the link. It also provides tracking service .

Advantages of Bitly

·      We shorten the link by using bitly .

·      We can customize our links .

·      We can also track our links .

·      We can get measurable insight.

Diadvantages of Bitly

·      Bitly is very much expensive .We many other cheap and better options.

·      There customer service is very horrible .

Visit here.

Tiny URL is a URL Shortening service which provides us short links on behalf of long ans messy links. It is created by Kevin Gilberstson  and launched in January 2002.

Advantages of Tiny URL

  • It is convenient as it simple for sharing the shorter links.
  • It is secure and reliable.

Disadvantages of Tiny URL

  • It is not safe.
  • It Not user friendly
Visit here.

 Alias provides us free and secured URL short links .

Advantages of Alias

  • The links provided by alias is safe as it is checked before.
  • It provides links which is protected by passwords.
  • Ad free.
  • Privacy protected as it does not tract user IP address.

Disadvantages of Alias

  •  Since it does not tract IP addresses, it doesn’t report location from where the short URLs are clicked.
  • Comparatively new service.
Visit here.


It is a URL Shortener which have good analytical capabilities.

Advantages of Bl.ink

  • It has no restrictions on redirects.
  • It has a separate browser extension.

Disadvantages of Bl.ink

  • It has bad customer service
  • It is not value for money and time


Hyperlink provides user goes on the website by clicking on a short link .It has standard service plans.

Advantages of Hyperlink

  • It generates an automatic QR code.
  • It gathers statistics in the real time mode.

Disadvantages of Hyperlink

  • Its time consuming.
  • Its not customer friendly

This article is written by Muskan Malkania.

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